It’s been some months (May 1st) since we released a new remote for ConanCenter with a more resilient and scalable architecture. We announced those changes on April and we’ve been following the steps announced here and here. So far the transition went smoothly and we are happily serving many thousands of requests every day from this remote.

On June we announced that the new URL ( becomes the new default, and on July 1st we stopped uploading new packages to the old remote (, and encouraged users to migrate and use only the new remote ( During the last week, around 90% of the traffic is using only the new remote.

Old Bintray remote is still running just to avoid breaking users while they migrate to the new remote and away from legacy packages (those with @user/channel). These packages are already considered deprecated and they are not maintained anymore; their corresponding repositories have been archived and they won’t get new improvements. All of them should be already contributed to conan-io/conan-center-index repository and available (without @user/channel) in the new default remote.

In September (v1.40), the Conan client will not include the old remote as default anymore and only will come configured by default. If you want to keep using the old one, you will need to add it explicitly.

Call To Action - Stop using legacy remote

Things are moving forward and this blogpost is one more explicit reminder: old remote is frozen and new packages are only available via the new URL. Please, check the remotes you are using (conan remote list) and check your build removing the legacy URL. Only the new remote (and your personal/company repositories) should be used.

Check this change in your CI builds as well, specially if you are using an older Conan client or you are retrieving your configuration from a shared repository. We really encourage you to change this configuration and adapt your CI processes as soon as possible.