ConanCenter has received a new URL for use by the Conan client as a remote from which to resolve packages. It is now available for BETA testing by ConanCenter users. The new URL is here:

To start testing, you can use add a new remote with this url using the following command:

conan remote add cci-beta

The URL for the ConanCenter website has NOT changed, it is still here:

BETA Status

While this URL is active and believed to be working and stable, we consider it to be BETA status. That is, we do not recommend that users migrate their production systems which run Conan to use this URL at this time. Another blog post will be created when the Conan team considers it stable and removes it from BETA status. This URL should only be used by those developers who intend to assist the Conan team by experimenting with such things, and providing feedback.


It’s important to note that this URL will not be functionally equivalent to the existing URL of Crucially, the new URL will only resolve “modern packages” and will not resolve “legacy packages”. Simply put, “modern packages” are those packages which were created from the ConanCenterIndex repository on Github. By contrast, “legacy packages” refers to everything else. For example, any packages which were included in ConanCenter via the old Bintray “include in ConanCenter” button. Another way to describe the difference is to say that, any package which has any “user/channel” in the package reference is a “legacy package”, and will not be available at this URL.

Next Steps

If you wish to help the Conan team verify and troubleshoot the new URL in preparation for the Bintray sunset date, please feel free to add this to your list of remotes and begin experimentation. Of note, the Bintray sunset will occur in the very near future, so the sooner you are able to perform tests and provide feedback, the better. For any issues you encounter, please open a github issue.