ConanCenter 2.0 Migration Live stream

Are you ready for Conan 2.0? If you’re like me you’ve probably heard about it and gotten excited for the possibilities… but maybe haven’t had the time to get your hands dirty and try it yet. Well this is your chance to get hands-on experience.

I’ll be hosting a live stream for you to learn more about Conan 2.0 on November 2nd, 2022 at 8:00 AM PST. You are highly encouraged to join upgrading recipes in preparing it for Conan 2.0.

ConanCenter’s Migration Effort is well underway, but this list of the 80% most downloaded is just the tip of the iceberg. The community has made an amazing effort adding support for Conan 2.0 with well over 600 pull requests to date and I’d guess about 350+ recipes already “done”.

In this event, I’ll be live streaming my attempt to update the recipes on this list. Unlike your typical webinar, you can pick up on any of the other recipes on the list (or choose any other for that matter) and try it out yourself following along. I will be explaining some of the details and answering questions live trying to help out as many as I can.

For those looking to get involved in ConanCenter and contribute, this will be an amazing opportunity. You’ll get to engage with the Community and other Reviewers picking some of the tips and tricks we use. You’ll be able to open up a Pull Request with the work you’ve done or maybe comment on someone else’s helping to review it.

Engage with the Conan Community with this exciting hands-on event where we will be sharing knowledge and a good laugh.