It is great to see that every day there are more and more pull requests opened to conan-center-index, adding more packages, new versions, fixes and support for different platforms. ConanCenter already surpassed 500 new recipes (each one possibly containing multiple versions) in the recent months since the Early Access Program opened, compared with the barely 200 packages that were contributed in the last three years. ConanCenter is now serving more than 1 million downloads monthly. Thanks to all the contributions, the Conan and C and C++ ecosystems keep improving.

As the number of contributors and engagement increases, the amount of pull requests, innovation, and knowledge that is being contributed to ConanCenter does it as well. It is necessary to properly process and review them both to keep maintaining the quality of this central repository, but also to distill the necessary feedback that can be used to keep improving Conan itself.

The great news is that the maintainers are not alone in this task, and conan-center-index repository also receives a good number of contributors’ reviews to open pull requests that help in the process and provide invaluable knowledge and confidence when packaging new libraries or improving the already contributed recipes.

We feel that it is natural at this point to improve the reviewing process by officially taking into account the reviews coming from our contributors. Therefore improving the quality and the reviewing time of the pull requests.

To start with this new approach, and as a way to acknowledge their work, we think it is reasonable to enable the top conan-center-index contributors and reviewers as the official pull request community reviewers:

Becoming an official reviewer of conan-center-index means help to streamline the process of adding new packages. Now every pull request requires at the moment 3 positive reviews from the team to be merged. With the new reviewers joining the team, only 1 positive review from the maintainers will be necessary and the other 2 will be coming from any official reviewer. This is just an initial list, new reviewers can be added later, and anyone can withdraw at any time if they don’t feel confident, or can no longer serve as a reviewer for any reason. And, as usual, this is just another step and we are looking forward to discussing your ideas on how to keep improving ConanCenter together.

On behalf of the whole Conan community, we would like to thank all contributors to ConanCenter and especially to those ones that we are enabling as approved reviewers. If you have any questions or feedback please comment in this Github issue.