Building the agenda

The Call for Speakers was closed in December after receiving a lot of very good talks from experienced users that use Conan in production in very interesting projects. As several great talks were competing for each one of the 9 available slots, a committee voted to help decide the final agenda in this first edition. For next ones, we will open this committee to a larger group of Conan users and ConanDays attendees to collaborate together to shape the agenda.

ConanDays agenda is live

The keynotes

Bryce Adelstein Lelbach, the ISO C++ committee chair of the SG15 (tooling), will be talking about “Modules: The Future of Building C++”. Modules is a very expected C++20 feature, it will allow a better isolation and compilation model than headers, and it will also impact how we build C++ code.

The Conan co-founders will be talking about one of the core key features of Conan, the package-IDs. How they are computed, how they can be used, changed and configured for implementing different binary compatibility and building policies. Also, we will analyze and discuss the possibilities of their evolution.

Talks and speakers

The final agenda is a balance of core Conan contents and adoption experiences. Core Conan contents include revisions, lockfiles, integrations with build systems as CMake, or the Robotic Operating System (ROS). Adoption experiences summarize practices and lessons learned while adopting Conan in different sizes of projects and companies: development flows, how to adapt to company policies and CI/CD practices.

While we were very excited to see many incredibly interesting talks from top companies like Audi, Asap, Continental or Plex, we are also very happy that the final agenda also includes speakers from amazing startups like Tanker or Microblink, and consultants like Verifa and Kai-Wolf.

ConanDays speakers

We were overwhelmed with the number of good talks and it was difficult to choose the final ones. However, we have included a lightning talks (5-10 minutes) session so that everybody will have the opportunity to show their talk in a glimpse. This lightning talks session will take place before the dinner in a more informal setup. If you submitted a talk that was not accepted and want to do a lightning talk, please submit your proposal (title and 1 paragraph description) as soon as possible to, they will be allocated on a first come-first served basis.

Now the agenda is live, we wanted to share that our main goal was to have good technical contents in this event, full of practical and useful information coming from the experience from the Conan experts. We would like to thank all the people that submitted a talk proposal: achieving this goal was possible thanks to you!

Hearing the community

Even if you are not a speaker, your voice can be clearly heard at ConanDays. One of the most interesting sessions will be “Hearing the Tribes”. An interactive session with discussion in groups around different topics, that will help define the future of Conan. What will Conan 2.0 look like? The feedback gathered from this session will help to start outlining it, as well as defining future development priorities.

If you are planning to come to ConanDays, please get your tickets as soon as possible, space is limited, and tickets are running out fast!

Looking forward to meeting you all in Madrid!