ConanDays Madrid 2020 Gathering The Tribes Event

We are excited to share the first international gathering of Conan C/C++ Package Manager users at ConanDays 2020, Madrid!


The Event

ConanDays is a technical event, bringing together all worldwide Conan users to share their experiences and contribute to the future of Conan. It will take place in Madrid, Spain, on March 19-20, 2020.

The Talks

This community event will mainly be composed of technical talks by Conan users, sharing their knowledge. All 45 minute talks are expected to be fully technical and useful, providing deep insights of techniques, tools, and solutions for C and C++ building and packaging.

Topics covered will include: Integrations, challenges, lessons learned, scaling Conan, binary compatibility, build-systems, cross-building, continuous integration, onboarding, open source, community efforts and more.

Want to share your knowledge with the community? If you’re using Conan, then you should submit a talk! Our Call for Speakers is open.

You’ll also get a chance to get insights directly from the Conan founders and maintainers and find out about the history and exciting future ahead.

Hands-On Technical Training

The first day will start with three different 3-hour hands-on technical training. Including: Conan introduction for beginners, helping those starting out get the most out of the rest of the conference, and Conan advanced topics for more savvy users, introducing some of the latest and greatest Conan features. Additional training will also be available, please submit your ideas to us and stay tuned for new training announcements.

The Future of Conan: Listening to the Tribes

This will probably be the most important session of the conference. All attendees will be working in groups for a couple of hours around hot topics according to their preferences. This is an opportunity to discuss problems, put in common solutions, future challenges, and more interestingly provide feedback to help prioritize the future evolution of Conan.

The Evening Event

Conan Barbarians also need to eat and have some fun! All coffee breaks and lunches are included in the conference. There will also be a dinner, followed by fun social entertainment. This is a great opportunity to meet and greet other Conan users, contributors and maintainers in a nice atmosphere and enjoy some fresh air and fun activities.

The Tribes


Everyone is absolutely welcome to the event. If you want to become a speaker, please submit your proposal and we will do our best to support you in the process. As a speaker, you will be sharing your knowledge with the onsite and online community, and will become a Conan reference in the first Conan international event! We will also cover hotel expenses and an event ticket for speakers.


As a community-focused event, we are encouraging all Conan users to come as attendees. To make participation affordable, we are trying to keep our ticket price as low as possible. From beginners to experts, everyone will learn useful and interesting information and contribute to the future of Conan. From C++ programmers to embedded engineers, DevOps practitioners or build managers, as long as you are interested in Conan, this is the place for you! Tickets will be soon available here


Sponsors are always welcome! There are many ways to contribute to the event, from having a booth to show attendees your products, tools or company, to sending 4+ attendees from your team. If you have any other ideas or are interested in becoming a sponsor, contact us at


The event will be held in Madrid city, the amazing and vibrant capital of Spain and the home of the Conan team. Venue details will be shared soon. We are looking for the perfect place where we can all enjoy this great city.

See you in Madrid!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach us at, and follow our Twitter, GitHub and #conan channel in CppLang slack channels for updates. Keep tuned, we will be sharing more details soon!

ConanDays Madrid 2020 Location