New release and some new features! Conan 1.6 comes with many small improvements around tooling and process execution inside recipes as well as with small additions to the command line.

New parameters for

Having a look at many many recipes we realized that setting environment variables such as DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH to launch packaged apps is a very recurrent use case. There were already some tools to help with the process but still there was a nasty repeatedly used bunch of code lines usually in test_package:

    def test(self):
        with tools.environment_append(RunEnvironment(self).vars):
            bin_path = os.path.join("bin", "example")
            if self.settings.os == "Windows":
            elif self.settings.os == "Macos":
      "DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=%s %s" % (os.environ.get('DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH', ''), bin_path))
      "LD_LIBRARY_PATH=%s %s" % (os.environ.get('LD_LIBRARY_PATH', ''), bin_path))

So we came with tools.run_environment() and injected those needed variables before the command in the conanfile method. Now you can simply use:

    def test(self):
        bin_path = os.path.join("bin", "example"), run_environment=True)

Improved tooling

This release has been very much about improvements to the Conan tools and new additions as mentioned above with tools.run_environment().

We have new tools.unix2dos()/dos2unix() to convert between LF and CRLF line endings.

There were some improvements in tools.get() with parameters filename, to download files with a name that cannot be deduced from URL, and keep_permissions, to propagate the flag to tools.unzip().

Moreover, in tools.unzip() we have introduced support for XZ extensions. This would only be available for Python 3 users and starts the journey towards Python 2 deprecation as there is no support to implement such new features.

Finally we continued improving the tools.Git(), this time to allow capturing the current branch with get_branch() and current commit with get_commit().

Go and check all the new changes in the tools section.

Small additions to commands

We included new --raw flag to conan remote list to display remotes in the same way they are configured in the registry. You can copy and paste the output into your remotes.txt file to use conan config install feature!

Talking about config install, it has a new --type "git" flag to indicate installation should be done cloning a git repository from the URL provided. This is handy for example if you are working with Microsoft Team Foundation Server TFS git repositories.

Finally, conan build --test was added together with should_test attribute in the conanfile as a logic step to control the test stage

Other highlights

  • LLVM toolsets for Visual Studio has been included in settings.yml.
  • We have improved our pyinstaller to include the Python dependencies and improved the deb installer for distros such as Debian 9.

Check the full list of features and fixes in the changelog and don’t forget to update!