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Since Conan joined JFrog, the growth has been incredible. Nowadays, there are many companies around the globe using Conan in production to manage their C and C++ libraries and packages. We are very excited and happy with Conan’s success, but with this success comes great responsibility: giving support and help to active users who depend on Conan for their tasks. This is a high priority for us, but it also takes a lot of time. We also want to work on product improvement (design, development, testing) to address active users’ needs. This is an ongoing task that only gets bigger with the user base.

So we have reached the point where we need more Barbarians in the team. Are you willing to become one?

Software Engineers: Developer Advocate and Product

We would like to hire at least 2 Software Engineers to join the Conan core team. These will be very technical roles taking responsibility for all the different tasks we are already doing:

  • Product development, testing, releasing, documenting
  • Community support and help
  • Participating in conferences and other events, writing technical blog posts.
  • Conan-center: curating, reviewing and creating OSS packages

Both roles require experience and skills as a Software Engineer, mainly in the area of C/C++ build engineering (multiplatform building, compilers, build-systems, Continuous Integration, etc).

The Developer Advocate position will be more focused on the Community, but will be also doing development since a high level of expertise and knowledge of Conan is required. Some community leadership, experience in speaking at conferences, writing related blog posts, etc is also required.

The Product SW Engineer will be more focused on development, but will also participate in all other tasks. Strong skills in design, development and testing systems, preferably in the dev-tools area, are desired.

Both roles will require a good level of English, spoken and written, bonus points for experience in Python, OSS communities, and/or Conan.

Join Conan, leap forward with JFrog

Conan is now part of JFrog, so by joining the Conan team you will be part of JFrog. JFrog, the creator of Artifactory, Bintray, Mission Control and Xray, has been recognized as one of the world’s fastest growing companies.

So you will be part of a small team, in a very dynamic, challenging, relevant and fast growing OSS project, but also be part of a leading company in the field

The Conan team is remote. We don’t have a central office, and work remotely on a flexible schedule. From time to time, we travel to events and to meet and work together. If convenient, you are welcome to use any of the company offices in Sunnyvale, Israel, Toulouse, Bangalore and Madrid, but this is not a requirement.

Contact us

Do you want to be a Barbarian? Write us an email to info@conan.io with [BeBarbarian] in the Subject line, explaining your reasons, and linking or attaching relevant information about yourself.

Go directly to the opened positions! Web engineer, Developer advocate